Debt Consolidation

How is your cash-flow?

If you have more than $10,000 in debt outside of your mortgage, chances are that your cash-flow is tighter than it needs to be.  What's more, the monthly payments that you do make against your debt barely makes a dent on the overall balance, since so much of it goes towards interest payments.

Take our Debt Consolidation calculator for a spin to find out how much you could be saving each month in cash-flow.


Debt Consolidation

Current Mortgage

Current Mortgage Amount ($)
Current Interest Rate (%)
Remaining Amortization (i.e., 25 years)
Monthly Interest Paid
Total Monthly Payment (Principal + Interest)

List of Debts to be Paid

Creditor & Type of Debt
Amount ($)
Interest Rate (%)
Monthly Payment ($)
Monthly Interest
Total Monthly Mortgage & Debt Interest

New mortgage including debt to pay out

Old Mortgage
Amount of Debt to be Paid
Total New Mortgage Amount
New Amortization (Years)
New Monthly Mortgage Interest Payment
Monthly Payment

The following are your savings

Old Monthly Payments (Mortgage & Debt)
New Monthly Payment
Total Monthly Savings
Your 5-year Interest Savings

*All numbers considered approximate