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Chapter 2 – Parental Leave and Family Finance

Every young family faces a number of financial obstacles as their family grows. If you’re having children, for example, it begins with preparing for parental leave and then you’ll find that things continue to evolve at each stage of your child’s development. Along the way, it will sometimes seems like all of your income is spoken for before you have a chance to buy a cup of coffee.

Parenthood can be the trickiest financial chapter in your life and every decision you make has an impact on the bottom line. That’s why it is so crucial to make educated decisions about your mortgage when you are in family-building mode.

Come see us, talk to one of our agents, and sketch out all of the projected costs you are expecting over the coming years. We’ll talk through a monthly budget based on worst-case, conservative estimates for: childcare, household bills and variable expenses like groceries, entertainment and gas.

Speaking of gas – is it time for a new vehicle? How is the house? Are they big enough for your growing family? If not, let’s take a look at your plans and how you can best afford to accommodate your growth plans

Your mortgage is the foundation of your financial plan while your family is growing, so let’s talk about how the mortgage can help you along the way!

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