Scary Mortgage


Behind the Scenes of Scary Mortgage.

The Personal Mortgage Group's mission is to be trusted lending consultants who empower each client to achieve a lifetime of financial wellness by delivering innovative mortgage solutions. So when we are brainstorming ideas to present our views on mortgage financing, we always emphasize opening up the thought process to choose the right mortgage, not just the right rate. Add to that a little sick humour like our Debt Zombie theme (bottom of home page) and now our Vampire theme.

Many people concentrate on interest rate only and pay no attention at all to the fine print that some lenders slip in. Then they sign a very long 5 year contract. Part way through the five years, things have changed in their lives and they find they have signed a contract they might as well have been paying 2 to 3 times more!

We at The Personal Mortgage Group, take the time with all of our clients to make sure they are "safe" in all ways, in what is usually the most critical investment in their lives. It is important you do not "bite" off more than you can chew, that you do not have someone "sucking you dry" and your "soul" remains the property of your family.

We also are extremely fortunate to have a great and very gifted friend Joe DiBenedetto who gathered all the talented people and produced this clip. Thanks so much to all of you. You really "nailed" it.

A mortgage doesn't have to be scary, when you are working with the Personal Mortgage Group.

Suzanne Boyce Principal Broker