At PMG we are committed to protecting your information.  Our Privacy
Agreement explains how collect, use and disclose your personal

In this Agreement, the words \"you\" and \"your\" mean any person who
has requested from us, or offered to provide a guarantee for, any
product or service offered by us. The words \"we\", \"us\" and \"our\"
mean The Personal Mortgage Group. The word \"Information\" means
personal, financial and other details about you that you provide to us
and we obtain from others outside our organization, including through
the products and services you use.

You acknowledge, authorize and agree as follows:


At the time you begin a relationship with us and during the course of
our relationship, we may collect Information including:
  * details about you and your background, including your name,
    address, date of birth, occupation and other identification, all of
    which are required under law
  * records that reflect your business dealings with and through us
  * your financial preferences and activities

This Information may be collected from you and from sources outside our
organization, including from:
  * credit reporting agencies
  * other service providers, agents and other organizations with whom
    you make arrangements
  * references you have provided
  * persons authorized to act on your behalf under a power of attorney
    or other legal authority.

You authorize those sources to give us the Information.

We will limit the collection and use of Information to what we require
in order to serve you as our customer and to administer our business,
including to:
  * verify your identity
  * evaluate and process your application, accounts and transactions
  * provide you with ongoing service
  * analyze your financial needs and activities to help us serve you
  * help protect you and us against fraud and error
  * help manage and assess our risks, operations and relationship with
  * comply with applicable laws and requirements of regulators,
    including self-regulatory organizations.


We may disclose Information, including as follows:
  * with your consent
  * to satisfy legal and regulatory requirements applicable to us
  * to the lenders that perform services for you or for us or on our
  * where permitted by law


Social Insurance Number (SIN) - Your choice to provide it is optional.
When you provide us with your SIN, we may also use it as an aid to
identify you and to keep your information separate from that of other
customers with a similar name, including through the credit granting
process. You may choose not to have us use your SIN as an aid to
identify you with credit reporting agencies.

Credit Consent - We will obtain information and reports about you from
credit reporting agencies and other lenders at the time of and during
the application process, and on an ongoing basis to review and verify
your creditworthiness and/or establish credit. You may choose not to
have us conduct a credit check in order to assess an application for
credit. Once you have a product with us, we may disclose your
Information to other lenders to supports the credit granting and
processing functions in general. If you have a credit product with us,
you may not withdraw your credit consent.

Marketing Purposes - We may also use your Information for marketing
purposes, including to:
  * better understand your financial needs and activities so that we
    may tell you about other products and services that may be of
    interest to you
  * conduct research and surveys to assess your satisfaction with us as
    a customer, and to develop services to meet your needs
  * contact you by telephone, fax and automatic dialling-announcing
    device, at the numbers you have provided us, or by internet, mail,
    email and other methods

With respect to these marketing purposes, you may choose not to have
  * contact you occasionally either by telephone, fax, internet, mail,
    email, or all of these methods, with offers that may be of interest
    to you
  * contact you to participate in customer research and surveys

Telephone discussions - When speaking with we may monitor and/or record
your telephone discussions for our mutual protection, to enhance
customer service and to confirm our discussions with you.


Subject to legal, regularoty and contractual requirements, you can
refuse to consent to our colleciton, use or disclosure of information
at any time in the future by giving us reasonable notice. Depending on
the circumstances, however withdrawl of your consent may impact on our
ability to provide you or continue to provide you with some services or
information that may be of value to you.