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Our Team

Boyce Collins, BA, AMP

License # M08007573
Principal Broker/Father/Doomsday Prepper

Born in the frozen wastes of Edmonton, forged in the fiery furnace of Hamilton. My mom Suzanne started this business when I was 10 years old, so it’s safe to say I was raised at the Personal Mortgage Group. After years working in carpentry, I circled back to the business in 2016 and have been servicing our awesome clients ever since.

My goal is to uphold and maintain the high standard of service and expertise that made the PMG what it is today. 

Fun facts about me: 

  • I can name every country in the world from memory 
  • My son is objectively the cutest baby ever (that’s right Chris and Steve, I went there)
  • I think Hallowe’en should be a stat holiday

(905) 546-0550 x114

Chris Horrocks, BCom, AMP

License # M10002295
Mortgage Broker/Father/VW Enthusiast

I recently celebrated my 10 year anniversary working as a Mortgage Broker for the Personal Mortgage Group, and there is nothing else I would rather be doing. I’ve been calling Hamilton home for the majority of my life and have enjoyed many opportunities and experiences this city has to offer. My interests vary depending on the time of year, but one thing that stays constant is my family: my wife, Jenn, and my son, Zack.

Fun Facts: 

  • I was an avid member of the Couchsurfing community and have hosted people from all over the world – and surfed myself. The highlight couch for me was a week on the island of Rarotonga of the Cook Islands. Travel has always been important to me with one of my life goals to visit 30 countries by the time I turned 30 years old. I accomplished this goal and had many good times along the way. 
  • Another highlight was being at the SkyDome when Jose Bautista hit his famous home run bat flip – what a ride those Blue Jays playoff teams were in 2015 and 2016 and the future looks bright once again. As good as playoff baseball can be, getting married and having a child has topped that all off.

One of the best parts of my job is building long term relationships with PMG clients. Although the process of applying and obtaining a mortgage isn’t necessarily considered “fun”, I hope to make it an experience that is informative, encouraging, and enjoyable.


(905) 546-0550 x 112

Steven McKay, BA, AMP

License # M12002405
Mortgage Agent/Father/Multi-instrumentalist Extraordinaire

Like many finance professionals, I seem to have found my way into mortgage brokering through the back door. My time at the Personal Mortgage Group started in 2012, working under the supervision of my colleague, Chris Horrocks and PMG founder, Suzanne Boyce.

I had been touring the world as Technical Director for the Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra (based out of Toronto). Born and raised in Hamilton, I moved to Toronto for a number of years and found myself back in Hamilton in 2011 after buying my first house on Ray Street N.

Arts jobs being relatively scarce back then, I reached out to Suzanne for some advice; she was and is extraordinarily plugged into everything in Hamilton. To my surprise, she offered me a job on the spot!

9 years later, my life has settled in quite a bit. When I’m not busy talking mortgages with my beloved clients, I can be found at HAAA with my wife and 3 kids or haunting the local arts & music scene.


(905) 546-0550 x113

Trasie Petek

File Administrator/Mother of cat and human children/All-around peach

I am the newest member of the PMG family. My job is to collect and manage all your mortgage documents, which is a perfect fit as organization is my jam. Between that and having spent the last 20 years with Manulife in a very similar role, I am the PMG’s organizational backbone. 

I live in Hamilton with my two girls Marley and Raven, and my sweet boy Murphy (the feline child of the bunch, LOL)!  I love all the trails and waterfalls in the area and am an avid hiker. Possibly unpopular opinion, but winter is my favourite season.

My best life experience you ask?  That would have to be dog sledding in the Yukon on a frozen Lake Lebarge 🙂


(905) 546-0550 x 111

Fabricio Ramirez

License # 21000144 
Mortgage Agent/Father/Adventurer

I was born far from here, in Ecuador, so I belong to the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. I love the outdoors, from high mountains to warm beaches and chasing the Northern Lights. I think man’s best friend is the horse (sorry dogs and cats). I have a beautiful wife and three children; being a husband and father has taught me to be even more fearless.

 In my life there is one thing that guides my path: helping people. I do a lot of volunteering, but we all have bills to pay. After working with Boyce and his team at the Personal Mortgage Group to purchase my first home in Canada, I was inspired to get certified as a licenced mortgage agent. This new role enables me to pay it forward and help even more families achieve home ownership!

I love this profession and I am learning more every day.

Added bonus: I am a fluent Spanish speaker and have that sexy Latin accent

Feliz de ayudarle en español.


(289) 400-5494

Suzanne Boyce (Retired)

Founder/Tireless Visionary
Suzanne founded the PMG in 1992 when residential mortgage brokering was in its infancy in Canada. As a single mom of an unruly son, she burned the candle at both ends for years to build the business and establish a loyal clientele. The secret to her success was always putting the needs of her clients first and using her expertise in mortgage financing to develop reliable strategies to help people navigate the often complicated mortgage landscape. After nearly 30 years running the PMG, Suzanne has moved into a new but no less exciting phase, operating a small resort on the Island of Roatan and hopefully enjoying some much deserved R&R.

Keeping ahead of COVID-19

In the interest of helping to slow the spread of Covid 19 the PMG has decided to close the office to the public. We are still fully operational but will not be seeing clients in person. Thank you for your understanding and please take care of yourselves.