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The Personal Mortgage Group Philosophy of Financial Wellness

In 1991 I had just returned to Ontario, after living for 12 years in Alberta, to be closer to my family and water. I missed Ontario’s abundance of lakes, something many of us take for granted.  I decided to get my real estate licence which has been a huge bonus for me as a mortgage broker. Through the courses, and working in the industry for two years, I was able to build a very large knowledge base for my client’s benefit.  I love helping people gain more knowledge so they are not taken advantage of when it comes to the largest purchase in their lives.

When I landed in the financing end of real estate it was like a dream came true. This light went on in my life. Pretty well every day is a great day in financing.  Our clients have a thirst for knowledge. They listen and asked questions and begin to understand that paying attention to the fine points can save them literally tens of thousands of dollars over their lifetime.

Now, over 26 years later, I am still visiting with many of my original clients, who are fulfilling their dreams of cottages or rental portfolios or just putting on a few final financial adjustments before retiring.  Many are now bringing in their children to get them on the path to financial success right off the starting line with their first purchase. Now we have a whole new generation!

Since 2010 we have been developing our dream team for this next generation. It has taken me years to find the right people for the job and then it takes about 5 years of dedication, education and hundreds of mortgages from each of these team members to meet the standards of The Personal Mortgage Group.

Chris Horrocks, Steve McKay, and Boyce Collins are all licensed mortgage brokers with Financial Services Ontario and I am the Principal Broker.  They are not agents soliciting business. They are here for The Personal Mortgage Group’s clients only.  We are proudly the rare breed of a truly independent brokerage. This means our firm puts your needs before all, including our own and no entity can influence us.

Mortgage Brokering is much more than mortgages and low rates. We have the opportunity to get to know our clients, their desired lifestyles, their family goals and their financial goals. They never have to go out and ask a stranger for a mortgage. I began to work with my clients through Every Chapter of their Lives and that is the basis of our web site today.

Of course we all wish everything went smoothly our whole lives but in all honesty everyone experiences many bumps and bruises on the way. We are here for our clients, making the adjustments to get everything back on track again. So some of our Chapters are happy, some not so happy, but there is always light at the end of every tunnel and we stick with you until you get there.

From your first time buying a home, raising your families, separations/divorce, debt tune-ups, renovations – For Every Chapter of Your Lives The Personal Mortgage Group will be here for you.

Some common questions:

What is a Mortgage Broker?
This is the top designation in the industry.  A broker has passed the mortgage agent’s course and has to have a minimum of two years experience in the industry before taking the broker’s course. This licensing entitles the broker to place mortgages for their clients. We are licensed to work in our client’s best interest not the lenders.  We meet with our clients preferably before they make a transaction to insure they have a fully documented pre-approval, complete understanding of the transaction they are going to do, and the costs involved. We handle all communications with the lender, and the client’s lawyer, appraisers, etc…

Does a Mortgage Broker charge fees?
At The Personal Mortgage Group we do not charge fees on placing mortgages unless we are working on something that will not qualify and the expertise of a skilled broker is required.  We will inform you that there will be a fee and quote you the fee range in advance of starting the process.  Not to worry.  We never charge fees in advance and the fees are paid out of the proceeds of the mortgage arranged.

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