1. Welcome to the World, Zack
  2. Spring Renovation Season

Chris is a new Dad!

We at PMG wanted to share the announcement that Chris and his wife Jenn welcomed their first born, Zack last month.  Zachary Koa born February 6, weighing 6lbs 15oz.  We wish them all the best through the early months of parenthood. Welcome to the world little guy!

Spring Renovation Season

You can do it; we can help!

At a time when the high costs of housing is making it more and more difficult for home owners to up-size, many families are instead focusing their energy and money on improving existing homes.

Not many people have enough cash laying around to complete a major renovation and the prospect of using lines of credit, or worse, credit cards to get the job done leads to a big waste of money.

As always, the mortgage is the cheapest source of capital and there are ways to leverage your home for the renovation funds.


ETO is not a prog-rock band from the 70s – an ETO is an equity take-out.   Real estate in Hamilton has blown up in the last few years and for many of our clients, there will be opportunities to simply take out some of the equity in their homes.  Sometimes it makes sense to pull the funds out on a line of credit or perhaps on a brand new 5-year term.  Whatever the case, there will be an optimal way to do all of this and we can advise.

Construction draws

A homeowner with limited equity in the home and scarce cash resources is still able to finance renovations through the mortgage.  There are many more hoops to jump through, but when the renovations are adding substantial value to the home, construction draws may be a good route for your project.

If renovations are in your future, it’s a good idea to sit down with one of our brokers and explore the various options that may be available to keep your costs, and debt repayment time, to a minimum.