As a small, local, independent Mortgage Broker, we rely heavily on client referrals.  The best referral we get each year is from the Hamilton Spectator Reader’s Choice Awards. 

It’s the continuing support from our clients that helps us to maintain such success with the Reader’s Choice Awards – and every year we have a whole new group of clients showing their appreciation by voting for us.  SO – thanks to all of you who continue to vote!

For 3 years running we have also been nominated for Best Overall Customer Service – something that we take great pride in – and that is in spite of the fact that we are a small operation.  Customer Service is what separates us from the rest – our new clients are always reminding us of that fact.  For those who are used to working with the bank, or a different style of Mortgage Broker, we aim to provide a fresh perspective on financing that will keep you engaged.

This is the 10th year in a row that we have been a Reader’s Choice Winner.

For those people looking for more detailed examples of our great customer service – you can read them all HERE.