Despite this year being significantly different than most, we are still Walking A Mile in Her Shoes with YWCA Hamilton.

We sponsored the YWCA Hamilton’s Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event this year to help bring to light the excellent work the YWCA does year-in-year-out. This is why, we are encouraging our community to participate in supporting such a great cause. 

For those who don’t know, the YWCA hosts the Walk a Mile event each year. This is a fundraising and awareness-raising event that supports women and children who suffer from domestic abuse. 

This year, domestic violence rates have skyrocketed across Canada as a result of the pandemic. Women and children are trapped at home with their abusers with nowhere to turn. As tensions during isolation rise, women and children bear the brunt of it. 

Although, there is something we can do to help. 

You can walk with us to help end violence against women. 

You can donate to help the YWCA continue to protect and shelter women and children. This will help to provide these individuals with the life they deserve. 

This year’s walk is different. This year, you can walk anywhere. 

If you want to learn more about this inspirational event and how you can make a change, click here. 

See you on the street! 

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