In the spring of 2012, we were trying to come up with something fun to send out to the neighbourhood as our debt consolidation outreach.

We are the first people you should call when you need to consolidate debt because we not only help to consolidate your debt, but to set you up so that you won’t need another debt consolidation ever again.

Suzanne noticed that a lot of debt consolidation clients struggled with debt for a long time before calling us. They would continue on month to month, being weighed down by the debt, not sure what to do. It takes the joy out of life sometimes.

Enter the debt zombie concept. When you struggle with debt for so long, you start to feel like a zombie. You are slowly marching, month to month, weighed down by credit cards, loans and lines of credit.

You don’t have to feel like a zombie. Everyone has options and it’s our job to help you find out what those options are.